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When you decide to go with a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) or "Solar Lease", Solar Home Company will set you up with a solar system that costs you absolutely nothing! You do not own the panels, we are responisble for the install, maintenance and production of the system. You agree to purchase your power at a discounted rate, since you are now producing your own home's power - we here at Solar Home Company make that possible. 


If you want to purchase a solar system over time, there are many financing options available for you. Adding solar to your home through a finance increases the VALUE of your home, without your property taxes going up! Solar Home Company works with various financial institutions who will work with your family's current financial situation to find the very best option to help you go solar NOW! Why wait?


Some families want to take advantage of the incentives surrounding a straight cash purchase, this involves paying the entire cost for a solar system for your home out of pocket, and comes with wonderful benefits. The incentives vary based on the size of your system, where your home is located and what rebates/tax credits you may qualify for, this is an excellent option to consider! Adding solar to your home through a cash purchase increases the VALUE of your home, without your property taxes going up! Pretty cool, right?