Do you have a solar panels that are not working properly?United Solar will come out and Fix it! We have been in Business for years and have over 35 years  combined experience in solar system repair, installation and maintenance. A solar repair requires unique skills and training.  We stand behind our work at every step of the process leaving our clients with true peace of repair process.  Our response times are the best in the business.  With our skills and training, repairs are conducted quickly so your system is back up and running quickly. No job is too big or challenging for United Solar



Trouble shooting

Our electricians & professional engineers, provide us with a knowledge base  to solve even the most complex issues. If we cant solve it, no one can!

Removal & Replacement

Need a new roof? Removal and reinstallation of a system may be big job for some, but well within the capabilities of our staff, with over 10 years of installation experience.

Inverter Repair

Our technicians are experienced with all the major manufacturers of inverters, including SolarEdge, SMA, Chint, Solectria, Satcon, Advance Energy, Fronius, etc.

Emergency Response

Our response times are the fastest in the industry, due to our advances scheduling and dispatch systems. When a system is down, time is money!

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